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Valério is a Brazilian musician, composer and producer born in Guarulhos,
São Paulo. Since 2016, he has promoted two studio albums and a live EP, as well as a
few singles.

Throughout his 10-year career, Valério has been dedicated to the popular
sounds and rhythms from the African continent. In parallel, he develops an exciting
work with kalimba both as a musician and as an art educator.
Recently released on streaming platforms, Cratera is a work that represents
an artistic break for Valério: it is a free spirit record, entirely based on an electric
kalimba, which turns into multiple instruments in the hands of this peculiar artist.
Cratera is also an album of unusual environments and places – a collection of
pieces that are either energetic or contemplative and always transcendental. From

the simplicity of his rustic thumb piano, Valério extracts an innovative and sensual
sound, in which ancestral references integrate naturally with contemporary music.
On some tracks, he subtly adds guitar, ukulele, or pocket trumpet, which
gives a cosmic or psychedelic flavor to the album.
In the past, between 2010 and 2015, Valério developed several other
experimental musical projects – the best known in Brazil is the Afro-punk quartet

Of his partnerships and collaborations with artists around the world, it is
worth mentioning On Fillmore (Valério participated in the recordings of the last LP of
this duo formed by Darin Gray and Wilco's Glenn Kotche) and Gata Pirâmide (a band
that Valério conceived alongside Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley).



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